Electro Interstitial Scan

So I went to my amazing, genius Naturopath in Marin today to work-trade to eliminate the remainder of my debt to him that has been lingering since I lost my job in October. I was really amazed and touched that he was open to the idea of a computer work exchange, and then to top it off, he goes and throws in an EIS body scan. When I first went to see him in January of 2008, I was impressed and grateful because he was the first health practitioner who actually treated me as a human being instead of a diagnosis, and listened to what I had to say and trusted my observations of my own body. He was a far cry from my old NYC practitioners who each in their own way told me it was all in my head, that I was bipolar and needed to be medicated, and that my issues were psychological even though I told them I could feel chemicals coursing through my entire body that would cause me to feel certain ways and just knew something was wrong internally. They shrugged off my sudden weight gain as being caused by "depression" and never listened to me when I said such a significant increase did not seem right based on what I ate. They told me my incredible fatigue was also a depression issue. Little did I know that all my symptoms combined were extremely common in people with hypothyroidism, which was what I discovered to be a large part of the puzzle. But I am grateful, because their inability to listen to me and treat me as a human is a large part of what prompted me to move to San Francisco so I could be immersed in a very in-your-face alternative health community and learn as much as possible in my search for truth and healing. And what a beautiful journey it has been. Everything happens for a reason, and I wouldn't change a thing about my life, as it has shaped me to be who I am today.

I haven't done tons of research on EIS scans, but what I have uncovered, like most medical research has been half positive and half skeptical, so I strongly recommend anyone looking in that direction do their own research and make an informed decision on their own. What I liked about my Naturopath was that he is aware of the flaws in things and not only did he do a second scan to see what was different between the 2, but he also takes everything with a grain of salt and uses it in conjunction with that he has already determined from a thorough intake, instead of as a replacement. So thorough! But on to my results..

They were overall much healthier than most people my age - yippee! There were a few things that showed up as not optimum, but they were all very minor and there was no major cause for concern.

My liver - half of it was over-active, and half was under-active. This could be attributed to detoxing, as well as my previous issues. When I first started going to my ND, his Chinese medicine diagnosis (which was echoed by the lovely folks at ACTCM, a great clinic in SF for affordable acupuncture and Chinese herbs) was that I had too much phlegm and stagnation in the liver, and the buildup was causing acne, which I had not experienced since I was about 12. I am sure all those years of drinking and experimenting, as well as some of the things in my diet were responsible for overtaxing my liver and the rest of my body.h

One scan highlighted the pancreas, but the other did not, and highlighted one section of my intestines instead. Not sure what that was about, but since it was different on both, I'm not going to invest any energy into it at this time.

Neurological status - all my brain chemistry was totally normal and in perfect balance. I'd love to show that to my old doctors in NY (and one in SF) who had diagnosed me as Bipolar. My amygdala showed up in the minor to mild range, which makes complete sense to me. For years, a big problem spot for me has been how I process and store trauma. My emotional memories have always appeared to be stronger than almost everyone else I have ever known and were a huge challenge for me. I did a bit of deep emotional release bodywork a few years ago, and my first session was intense and amazing, but the second one did nothing for me. I wonder what would happen if I were to explore that again with a focus on that area of my body. I am also curious to research what other things I can do to heal this part of my brain. Time do some more research on Bioenergetic Analysis.

My lungs - they were slightly under-active, which is very common in most people these days. We simply do not breathe deeply enough. I suspect part of that is related to how we live and the stress and disconnection that have resulted from our modern times. I thought my breathing had deepened through doing yoga more often, but I guess there is always room for improvement, and I definitely notice the stretching of my lungs when I am hiking steep inclines in the mountains.

My breasts - also slightly under-active, which is common in women these days also. It was great seeing this, as the day before I had just been reading a great post about breasts, bras and cancer on Courtney Pool's blog and talking to her about how I loathe wearing bras because they feel so restrictive and how I noticed the elasticity of my skin in that area improve since I went raw, and am hoping a day will come when I don't need to wear one at all. It's something I've pondered a lot when studying indigenous tribes, and thinking about our evolution and how things came to be how they are. My Naturopath told me about his wife's experiences with her breast problems and how they healed, which was pretty fascinating.

I wish I would have gotten one of these scans before I went raw, because initially I started seeing my ND in January of 2008 because I was a mess with hypothyroidism and a severely congested liver, and since then, I've done a lot of cleanses and went raw, so I can feel a huge difference from how I once was. My thyroid appeared fine in both scans, and my liver only mild. When I return to Northern California after my adventures, I will definitely be going back for another to see if my liver has completely healed.
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