GI2MR cafe gratitude meet up

Dhrumil from We Like It Raw was in town for a few days, so he organized a little lunch meetup at Cafe Gratitude with Anna, Lauren, Sharon and I this afternoon.

It was really wonderful to spend several hours just sitting and talking and getting to know each other. A lot of my friends are not raw, and although I attend potlucks and local events, I still sometimes feel that there is not as much of a community as one would think there would be in a place like San Francisco, where almost every subculture from Burners to bikes has a community with a DIY state of mind behind it. I want more activity in my local community, so I feel it's up to me and the like-minded people I meet to make that happen. I think through meeting these lovely ladies, we can start to build things a bit more and create a more positive experience for those that visit the city and want to connect.

We talked about getting spring water, foraging for wild edibles, writing, life changes, synchronicity and shifting your awareness so that you tap into them, community, our own raw journeys, and a whole host of other topics. It was really wonderful, and I left feeling very motivated and inspired.

Sharon asked some questions about some minor drama on GI2MR and how some people feel apprehensive about posting because of a lack of support, and Dhrumil gave us a brief rundown about a video he has just posted addressing those concerns, and how he wants to change things to improve the level of support by introducing a Sherpa program where people will serve as guides to provide information and support. You can view the entire video below.

GI2MR: Sherpa's Program from Dhrumil Purohit on Vimeo.
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