Help Heidi smile

As someone who recently went to the dentist and had them tell me I need over $7000 worth of work done immediately, I can totally related to Heidi's tears of frustration and fear and hope that anyone who reads this will donate at least $1 to her cause, more if possible.

In my case, the Green Dentist urged me to go into more debt to pay for all the work, but then after I lost my job and told them I no longer had insurance to pay for most of the cost, the urgency seemed to be gone and they said they would "make a note in my file" and I should call them when my situation changes. It's funny how it was so urgent that they made me cry in the dentist's office, but then when I had no insurance, there was no desire on their end to help me find alternative solutions or refer me to clinics or sliding scale programs. My frustrations with the American healthcare system are numerous, so I genuinely hope that Heidi will raise enough funds to cover her dental care and smile again soon. I have another friend who owes the hospital $46,000 for a bike accident, and it's really insane that we go to wars in the name of helping others, yet we don't take care of our own people here at home.
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