Mini-Juice Feast 2008

I did a mini-juice feast for about 3 days. I initially was planning 10 days, but I had to cut it short and postpone doing it long-term until I have steady income again. It was pretty easy to stick to because I already juice almost daily, and I felt more alert, energetic and ultra connected. The only drawback was that it was really costly for me to juice enough to not be hungry all day, and even with shopping at the Farmers' Market, I just couldn't afford to do it longer.

Everything was absolutely delicious! My favorite juice combination that I was sure to make daily:

Spinach + Apple + Celery + Mint + Parsley + Ginger + Lime + Chlorella

It's delicious, and made me feel like I had just injected myself with serotonin. Colors became more vibrant, and I just felt so energetic and focused afterwards.
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